EQE Pre-Exam

The Setup

The european Patent office (epo) decided to use the Wiseflow software.

So how does it work:

You log in at the time the Exam starts (better 15 min before). If there is anything you need/can print then you have access before the exam starts (10–15 min). It is important to print it right away because, otherwise after attending the exam you have no chance to print anything nor do anything different on you computer than writing the exam.

The Exam itself

The exam consists of 4 blocks of equal length. Each block was around 70 minutes. The first two blocks are testing your knowledge about the EPC and also a bit about the PCT. In general I would say the question were on a similiar level than the years before. Not as hard as 2018 exam but harder than 2019.

My preparation

Well there were two phases of preparation for the exam.

  • Case law EPO
  • EURO PCT guide
  • Applicants guide PCT



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